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About us

After many years of training dogs and having clients bring their dogs to me to train I decided to bring the training to the client’s location. Why? Simple, it is what the clients asked for time and time again. I would repeatedly be told by people that “my dog is always so good when we are here, but at home or on a walk is where I need the help. I would love it if you would come to my house and train.” So that is exactly what I’ve done. Bring the training to you.

Dogs very quickly learn when they come to a location the associations with that location. They very quickly understand that when they are at this place, we are doing this thing. The dog does these tasks, has fun, gets treats and praise and can’t wait to do it again next time. Let’s make that association at the place you and your dog live. Not at a “training facility” in a controlled environment, in your environment.

I don’t want your dog to perform at its best only in a controlled environment. So now I bring the training to where you need it. This only makes sense. Your dog needs to be happy and well behaved it your environment. In the places you live, walk and enjoy.


Everything is taught in a positive motivation based “marker” training method. The training is all done in a “train the trainer / train the handler” type of way. I want you to understand how and why the training works. I want you to know how to handle and maintain the dog and training. I want you to follow through with the training, not because I said so, but because it works, and you understand it.


I have trained everything from Police Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Trailing Dogs, Narcotic Detection Dogs, Bed Bug Detection Dogs, Working Dogs of all types, Show Dogs, Rescue Dogs, Puppies, Adult Dogs and more.

I have worked extensively with Behavior Modification on aggressive dogs as well as fearful and timid dogs. I have trained and handled hundreds upon hundreds of dogs over the years. I have professionally handled Detection Dogs as well as trained other professional handlers and Police K9 handlers.

Now I bring this extensive knowledge and experience exactly to where you need it. I bring it to where you live your life. This is exactly where you need it. Whether you are looking for basic obedience or advanced training Satori Dog can help.

People ask; “what is Satori”? It literally means “awakening”. That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to help you awaken your dog’s full potential. Contact Satori Dog today and let’s get started awakening your dog’s full potential.

Happy, balanced dogs

"Chad was awesome! I walked in wanting to learn how to address some aggression Wyatt showed with other dogs and we got so much more! I thought he was well behaved and “smart” and had one glaring flaw. Chad showed me in six short weeks how to make a happier dog. He is much more even-tempered and trusting and was even able to walk around yellow springs on a busy Saturday and hang out at a brewery with 5 other dogs on the patio barking at him and everyone that walked by petting him! I am so grateful for this experience and what I will continue to get out of it even after today! We will miss visiting Chad every week."


"Chad was absolutely amazing with my Yorkie. She picked everything up easily with his guidance. Highly recommend."


"What a great experience we are enjoying with our extremely timid rescue pup. Chad is helping us learn to work through this with her."


"Chad gave Rosie time to assimilate, asked questions, talked about what he was observing, got down on the floor and handled her perfectly! Perfectly. Absolutely, positively perfectly ... He is a rockstar as a dog trainer; he really rocks! ...  Chad was informative, helpful and was so patient with Rosie. Positive reinforcement with Rosie and education for the humans, is a sure-fire equation for success."



Trainer Chad Spicer & K9 Axel

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