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Obedience & Behavior Modification

Satori Dog can help you train your dog to be its best. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult. If you want puppy training, basic obedience, intermediate obedience, advanced training with your dog, or if dog needs help with bad behaviors, Satori Dog is right for you. Need specific training you don’t see here? Contact Satori Dog. All training is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Boarding & Daycare

positive motivation based “marker” training
Obedience Training


Satori Dog teaches everything in a positive motivation based “marker” training method. The training is all done in a “train the trainer / train the handler” type of way. The training is done in private, on location sessions. These sessions are completely customizable to fit you, your dog, your needs and your schedule.

Puppy Training.  Basic Obedience.  Intermediate & Advanced Obedience. Custom Curriculums.

Private In-Home / On Location Training
Giving you the ability to have consistent, well timed communication even when your dog is off leash.
E Collar Training


An E Collar can be an outstanding tool to help assist you in the training of your dog. Used properly it can greatly help you with your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with your dog. This training is done as positive motivation-based training. The E Collar is not used a form of punishment but rather we use low level stimulation as a means of communication. The teaching process will allow us to implement the E Collar just as you would your leash. This gives you the ability to have consistent, well timed communication even when your dog is off leash.

Private In-Home / On Location Training
(E Collar included with the training package)
Behavior Modification


If you are having specific problems with negative behaviors from you dog Satori Dog can help. Let Satori Dog teach you how to control your dog’s environment in a positive way and change those behaviors for the better. I have many years experience working in Behavior Modification with aggressive, fearful and anxious dogs. Contact Satori Dog and let’s make a plan to get your dog balanced and happy today.

Behavior modification, dog aggression
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