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Tracking / Trailing

Scent Discrimination Dog Training

We can take your dog’s natural ability to trail odor to the level of a professional trailing dog.


Satori Dog specializes in training outstanding Trailing Dogs. Our training curriculum, testing and certification has been designed to prove that your dog is well beyond just being good when trailing. Your dog will be excellent!


As well as training a great trailing dog we are also ensuring that you can competently read and handle your dog.


We offer 4 different certification levels of Scent Discrimination Dog Training. Each level has been designed to be challenging yet achievable. Upon completion of a certification trail you will definitely be proud of your dog and yourself.


Whether you are interested in Search and Rescue, volunteering your services or just being outside with your dog, tracking and trailing can be fun and rewarding.


Contact Satori Dog today to train your dog in a job that you both will find fulfilling.

Get started today training your dog as a Scent Discrimination Dog. Packages are fully customizable.

4 Sessions Scent Discrimination Dog Training:


Any dog has the ability to trail odor.
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